3 types of make up looks that are really important for the girls to know. These looks make girls look more pretty. So,without wasting time lets get into blog!


It is pretty intresting that for no makeup look we actually have to do makeup. Jokes apart its a nice and decent look with goes with formal meetings,family get together and all. This for those kind of person who don’t like so much of makeup and all.

Look at this look how preety it looks. Now you are ready to go for an of the sudden plans,formal meeting,no heavy makeup,no tension be happy and look perfect with this look.

• REMEMBER: It does not include any eyeshadows. If it includes it will very light shades and shades of your own skin colour and nude. Make the look better with thin linear and a heavy mascara.


It’s such an intresing look and one of my favourtite looks. Cause it has all the mix match of beautiful shades. It looks nice when it’s perfectly done. This look is good when you go for function which are in day time. Functions such as wedding,bhog,get together and many more.

This look is so daam good and beautiful. It has combinations of preety colours in it. It has wonderful mixture of few shades like green,pink,purple and blue. And this outfit floral print top goes perfectly with eyes. These eyes actually have shades of mermaid like blush,peach and all.

• REMEMBER:This look does not contain much heavy makeup. It contains eyeshadows of light and bright shades. Nor darker shades like black and brown.


This look is so glamourous and shiny. This look is done at the night time. This look goes perfect with every outfit. This look has the the darker and brighter colour.

Night look doesn’t only means Smokey eyes. It also has some beautiful glitter sades and darker shades that glow well.(for the refrence you have another picture of smokey eyes. But,not done by me.)

• REMEMBER: You should prefer glittery shades rather than nudes and mates. Use different and unique shades. Don’t think much or panic if you go for different shades. Wear anything you will look prettier always.

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Nothing stops our beloved young fashionistas from experimenting with fashion and style with budget. To maintain and a dress code to follow, here’s looking at how does lovely teenagers keep their style quotient this season!


With trending and exotic rain gear flooding in the market, students are flaunting with smart windcheater,umbrellas with funky print, solid and descent colours and reverse folding umbrellas too. I personally use British styled umbrella it’s just because they are big in size. This kind of umbrellas are also an eye catcher,classic to look and hot as ever. These kind of umbrellas are personally my favorite one. As it covers us from every side.

There is also solution for the people who don’t like to wear windcheaters while driving two wheeler. Good solution have come up for these kind of people. They can easily move out of house without any umbrella or a windcheater. Nowadays a cover is available for activas and other two wheeler. Which is very easy to use and also works equal to any of the umbrella or raincoat.

I hope my newly suggested rain gears will help you out.


As the rainy season have started. We are abanduntlly blessed 😇with so much of rain near our surroundings.☔ So, for upcoming few blogs will be all related to monsoon. You won’t get blogs like how much rain fell today??  And all😂. But yes,  you will be surely informed about hacks, fashion, makeup, accessories and more and more🍁. So,  me ready to enjoy my blogs. Thank you!!


OMG Shit!!😣This rainy season again arrived and again I have to wear these typical rainy boots again. 😱It’s too hard too repeat shoes every season.So, don’t worry here I am to slice your problem and give you idea about varies shoes for rainy season.😇

These sandal are usually called as crocs by many people, it’s just because the brand named crocs is famous. These are most favourite sandals of mine which I love to wear every rains☔ .

They so common that every one would love to wear. These slippers are like comfortable and they are so descent to wear on any outfit. You may not get so many types of sandals near you, but these slippers are easily available near your door step🚪.

There are many kind of rainy sandals but, there are also many unique kind that you can wear this monsoon. They are super comfy and easy to wear. These types of sandals are available in variety of colours and designs.🌈🎨

These types of sandals are for those who love to be little sporty. 🎯They are pretty cool. These sandals look so smart on boys as well as girls.👫

FINALLY:-I hope you loved my suggestion for this rainy season
So, enjoy this rains to fullest.

Who am i? Why i am here today??

Don’t you people hate it😡 when you don’t get a proper idea about,how to do it,when to do,where and why😢.So,here i am to give you simple solution 😇about these silly question marks?? We all have some confussions related to our dressing style and many more things💅.So,here i am to present you such a wonderful and eye catching👀 news for you.I will be blogging on fashion,health,travel,diy and more and more.So,you just have to be in touched with my blog and support👯.Get ready to enjoy my blog and get free from your daily problems💃.
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